Student Government Association

SPRING 2018 

Friday, March 16, 8 am - Friday, March 23, 4 pm

Tuesday, April 17, 8 am- Wednesday, April 18, 8 am



President & Vice President
Jacob Ellis & Cherish Wilson* (winners)

Thomas Celles
Tyler Wright

Senator-at-Large (25 positions)

Sydney Anderson
Lorence Ballow
Antanae Baylock
Robyn Beatty
Zachary Breaux
Triston Bussell
Michael Canal
Korey Cleveland
Cam Coleman
Elizabeth Coleman
Brandon Fredieu
Justin Guillory
Jacob Hammons
Nicholas Hopkins
Emilee Leger
Luis Ortiz
Hayden Pilcher
Keator Poleman
Kristen Prejean
Bayli Quick
Korey Rachal
Caleb Rhodes
Phynecha Richard
Alexia Rubin
Lara Schales
Tori Spraggins
Joseph Tappel
Ieshia Thomas
Trinity Velazquez
Leann Wills


Event Coordinators (12 positions)

Chloe’ Anderson
Tarik Andrus
MarQuan Culbert
Kennedy Cullen
Jada Dudley
Logan Esthay
Ty’Kiera Fikes
Camren Green
Devon Hill
Qualantre Jackson
Zachary Linville
Caelon “Bubba” Powells
Chloe Rouleau
Jamien Sampson
Courtney South
Tore’a Taylor
Tasia Traylor
Christy Washington
Kalyn Wiggins



A. Campaigning shall begin on the first day of filing as established by the Election Board and shall continue until the conclusion of the general and runoff Student Body election. Campaigning shall be defined as any paraphernalia, material, and written or verbal statement or action designed to promote a candidate or nominee to be elected for a particular position by soliciting votes either explicitly or implicitly.

B. There shall be no limit on the amount of money a candidate for elected office may spend on campaign materials. Nominees for Homecoming Honor Court and Mr. and Miss Northwestern State University may not spend any money to secure votes for these positions.

C. There shall be no campaigning on the part of nominees for Homecoming Honor Court and Mr. and Miss Northwestern State University including the posting of the election link. The Election Board may choose to create a graphic depicting those who were nominated, if so, the nominees may share this, and only this graphic in regards to the election.

D. Candidates for elected office or their campaign workers shall not engage in any campaigning activity that misleading, deceptive, demeaning, slanderous, or libelous.

E. All printed campaign materials must first be approved by the Election Board. Candidates for elected office and may post any signage and hand out any materials they wish as long as they adhere to the Election Code and all rules and regulations of Northwestern State University.

F. The Student Government Association logo shall not be used in any campaign materials.

G. Any campaigning that takes place on social media by a candidate or a campaign worker shall be subject to the Election Code and must be in compliance with University regulations governing the use of electronic media.

H. This use of any University or State owned property is strictly prohibited by State law and the Election Code. Any candidate found in violation of this provision from the Election Board shall be immediately disqualified. Examples of this include: the library, computer labs, university owned computers, software, and printers in offices, etc. The Print Shop on campus may be used to print campaign materials.

I. If the Election Board designates voting stations, there shall not be campaigning within fifty (50) feet of a voting station.