Student Government Association

Student Affairs
Commissioner: Kristen Prejean
The commissioner must address problems concerning campus life brought to the attention of the SGA and to suggest solutions to any such problems. They must plan and host forums as deemed necessary in which students may voice their opinions on and discuss major events and issues of the day and also perform any other pertinent services not mentioned herein. 

Academic Affairs
Commissioner: Jacob Hammons
The commissioner must work with the Provost in areas concerning the core curriculum, instructor and 
course evaluations, academic advising, registration, or other pertinent areas not 
mentioned herein. They must provide SGA representation on all available University Academic Committees and also oversee the SGA Scantron Giveaway.

External Affairs
Commissioner: Zachary Breaux
The general purpose of this Department is to promote and advertise the SGA to the students and campus. It is to communicate with the students and various other organization through the SGA website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

Fiscal Affairs
Treasurer - Ty Wright
The general purpose of this Department shall be to assist the SGA Treasurer in carrying out his/her duties, working with the Financial Aid Department of Northwestern State University in seeing that the SGA Scholarships are provided for during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters, and to perform any other pertinent services not mentioned herein.

Internal Affairs
Speaker of the Senate - Triston Bussell
This department serves to assist the Vice President and Speaker of the Senate with the performance of their duties. Its members review governing documents and recommend changes as needed as well as assist in the operations of the Student Government Association office. Internal Affairs also helps maintain legislative records and assists in official ceremonies of SGA.