Office of Student Activities & Organizations

Process for Becoming a New Recognized Student Organization

A group of students wishing to register an organization should consult with the Director of Student Activities located in room 103 of the Student Union.

An interest group wishing to start or reactivate a chapter of an IFC, NPHC, or CPC fraternity or sorority must contact the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life in room 156 of the Student Union.

The following steps should be completed for all Prospective Recognized Student Organization:

1. Request a meeting with the Director of Student Activities & Organizations to gain insight on how the certification process works. The Director of Student Activities and Organizations will serve as liaison between prospective student organization and the Committee on Organizations. Prospective organizations may be denied registration if their purposes are within the scope of other currently recognized student organizations.

2. Complete an online profile for the prospective student organization.  Go to "Register New Organization" within your own orgsync portal. (

3. The prospective advisor will also have to accept their role as an advisor within orgsync.

4. Submit the following to the Director of Student Activities in a digital format to (Word format preferred)

  • Proposed Constitution & Bylaws - See Sample
  • Petition to Seek Official University Recognition (The Department of Student Activities & Organizations will reserve a university facility up to two times on behalf of the organization in order for them to get signatures for the petition) - See Sample
  • If affiliated with a national organization, documentation regarding the national group is also required

5. Schedule a meeting with the Director of Student Activities to review the completed packet. This meeting is required and must be held before the packet can be forwarded to the Committee on Organizations.

6. Necessary revisions should be made, if applicable, and packet should be turned in before the provided deadline. The deadline is contingent upon the Committee of Organizations meeting schedule, which is once a month in the fall and spring.

7. Attend the Committee on Organizations meeting. The Committee on Organizations will evaluate the request for recognition and make a recommendation to the Dean of Students. (FALL 2017 - MEETINGS ARE HELD ON THURSDAYS AT 9AM).

Potential outcomes of the Committee on Organization meeting may be as follows:

  • Organization is approved
  • Organization is approved with revisions. The committee may require the petitioning group to resubmit any information with nonconforming or incomplete material.
  • Organization is not approved

8. Committee decisions are then submitted to The Dean of Students who will make final approval decisions.

9. Once approved by the Dean of Students, prospective organizations will be approved as a recognized student organization at Northwestern State University through the Orgsync Portal. If approved, any changes made to the organizations paperwork will have to be re-evaluated by the Committee on Organizations.

10. To maintain active status and continued recognition, organizations must follow the process for certification detailed in the previous section. A group not maintaining active status will not be approved to conduct programs and activities. 

Please refer to the RSO manual located on the Department's website for more information regarding the rules & regulations regarding recognized student organizations.

Helpful information:

Obtaining a RSO Checking Account

Student organizations wishing to open a bank account must apply for an Employee Identification Number (EIN) by completing the SS-4 form “Application for Employer Identification Number” published by the Department of the Treasury. (Student organizations should apply for and receive an EIN online at,,id=102767,00.html.)

Go to,,id=102767,00.html

  • Read the three steps thoroughly and then click “Apply Online Now”. 
  • Read through the page and then click “Begin Application”.
  • Select View Additional Types, including Tax-Exempt and Governmental organizations (Please note, you will not be a tax exempt organization).
    • Click continue
  • Select Social or Savings Club
    • Click continue
  • Fill in the Responsible Party Information.
    • Click continue
  • Select “I am a responsible and duly authorized officer or member of this organization”.
    • Click continue
  • Fill in responsible party address (This can by your advisors mailing address and your phone number).
    • Click continue
  • Verify all information
    • Click continue
  • Add in the appropriate information for your organization (Name, etc.)
    • Click continue
  • Answer all of the bubbled questions (All questions should be a no).
    • Click Continue
  • Select “other” from the next menu
    • Click Continue
  • Select “Organization” form the next menu
    • Click Continue
  • Select the appropriate description for your organization and add a sentence describing your purpose. (This will vary depending on what your mission is for the group).
    • Click Continue
  • Select the “Receive letter online” option
    • Click Continue
    • This will take you to the summary for your EIN information.  Check to be sure all is correct.  If yes, Click “Submit”
  • Congratulations!  You now have an EIN!   You can now download the PDF file, to print and bring to the bank to open a checking account.  Be sure save the file to your Orgsync Account for future use.  

Once you receive this EIN from the electronic process above, your organization can use this EIN number to open a checking account. Organizations should not open a checking account using an individual’s social security number, you must have a tax id number. The financial burden of that account then rests with that individual and anyone else on the account (must be three individuals) and they are responsible for the account if problems arise. When filling out the SS-4 form, simply leave blank lines 7a and 7b, which are not required for submission of the application.

Student organizations are not permitted for any reason whatsoever to use Northwestern State University’s EIN, tax ID or tax-exempt numbers for these same reasons.