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About Us

The Department of Student Life coordinates the recognition of student organizations on the Northwestern State University campus. Staff members are responsible for planning, promoting, implementing, and evaluating programs to enhance the social, moral, and intellectual development of students. Through experiences in student organizations, leadership activities, and other co-curricular activities, the students’ academic experience at Northwestern State University is enriched.

As a recognized student organization at Northwestern State University, you have a responsibility to support the Department of Student Life in meeting the university mission to enhance campus life. Our department also carries the responsibility to assist all student organizations in meeting the specific organization’s goals and objectives.

Under this premise, the Department of Student Life has developed the “Recognized Student Organization Manual.” This resource should serve as a guide to university policies and procedures governing your organization. Moreover, we hope that this document answers questions about a recognized student organization’s rights and responsibilities.

Professional Staff Members

Alan Pasch, MS

Executive Director of Student Union Life | 318.357.6511| Student Union, Room 214

Yonna Pasch, MA

Director of Student Activities, Organizations, and Leadership Development | 318.357.5411 | Student Union, Room 103


Shayne Creppel. MA

Director of Greek Life/Assistant Director of Student Union Life | 318.357.5439 | Student Union, Room 156


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Jaylon Lewis

Department of Student Life Graduate Advisor

Student Union, Room 103 | 318.357.5411